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The operated businesses of Qingzhou Donghong Jinrun Logistics Co., Ltd. includes storage and delivery, special line transportation, packing of exported vehicles, production and maintenance of overalls, assembly of products, production of wooden trays, wherein, the packing of exported vehicles, assembly of products, and production of wooden trays are new expanded businesses in 2017, and the company is gradually making steps to become a multiple logistics enterprise, owning a total storage area of 10,327.6 m2, wherein, 2,371.6 m2 was newly added in 2017. The joint venture has 7 delivery trucks, 2 for 6m 8-van trucks (with self-discharging), 1 for 5m 8-plate one, 1 for 5m 8-plate one, 3 for 9m-plate ones, 1 for 2m 8-double row one (peripheral delivery, delivery for urgent goods); 2 electric forklifts, 4 fuel forklifts, 6 in total. And in 2017, 2 9.6m-plate truck and 1 electric forklift was added newly. The total fixed asset was RMB 1.5518 million.